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  • May292016

    Davis Vanguard Dodd TV Ad: Even People Who Don’t Usually Agree Can Agree on Dodd

     State Assemblyman Bill Dodd’s campaign for state Senate today began airing a new television ad throughout Senate District 3 highlighting Dodd’s overwhelming level of support from individuals, newspapers and groups throughout the district. Read here:

  • May292016

    The Reporter Letter: Dodd has support of Solano County mayors

    With our district’s state senate seat now open, it is vital that we elect an effective and proven leader who gets results.

    This is why Assemblyman Bill Dodd has our support. Read here:

  • May252016

    Davis Vanguard: Dodd Sweeps Yolo District 3 Newspaper Endorsements

    State Assemblyman Bill Dodd (D-Napa) today announced receiving the endorsements of all three Yolo County newspapers in Senate District. Read here:

  • May192016

    The Reporter: Vacaville City Councilmembers endorse Dodd

    Retired Lt. Colonel Gabe Griess may call Vacaville home, but all five of Vacaville’s current City Council members announced earlier this month they’re joining Mayor Len Augustine in endorsing State Assemblyman Bill Dodd in the California State Senate District 3 race.

    The unanimous decision indicates that Dodd is now endorsed by nearly 75 percent of all elected officials within Senate District 3.

    Joining Mayor Augustine in endorsing Dodd are Vice Mayor Ron Rowlett, Councilmen Curtis Hunt and Mitch Mashburn, and Councilwoman Dilenna Harris.

    “The leaders of Vacaville are working hard to deliver for the people of Vacaville and I intend to do the same as their next state senator,” Dodd said in regard to his Vacaville endorsements.

    Dodd, 42, is up against Democrat Griess, Democrat and former Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada of Davis, and Republican Greg Coppes of Dixon for incumbent Lois Wolk’s seat.

    The 3rd Senate District consists of all of Napa and Solano counties, in addition to portions of Contra Costa, Sacramento, Sonoma and Yolo counties.

  • Apr282016

    Petaluma Argus Courier: Dodd best choice for State Senate

    A democratic primary campaign is underway between a well-funded moderate candidate backed by the party establishment and a progressive candidate gaining traction with a grassroots movement on the left.

    Sure, this sounds like the democratic presidential primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but it could also aptly describe the race for the state Senate seat that includes Petaluma.

    The 3rd District primary has become a two-person race between Assemblyman Bill Dodd and former Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, both democrats. The two will likely split votes in the primary, with the winner facing the lone Republican in the November election. In California’s primary system, the top two vote-getters, regardless of party, advance to the general election.

    In these times of partisan gridlock, where politicians at both ends of the political spectrum have paralyzed government, it is increasingly important to elect centrist candidates that can work with both sides to achieve consensus and get things done. This is why we are recommending a vote for Dodd in the June 7 primary.

    A former supervisor from Napa County, Dodd has worked on issues important to Petalumans, including preserving agricultural land and funding for education. While he has spent less than two years in the Assembly, he is well qualified for the higher state Senate office.

    As former chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Dodd has valuable experience with funding for large infrastructure projects, and he is a good ally in Sacramento for Petaluma’s effort to widen Highway 101. As a moderate politician, he is able to work across the aisle and bring all sides to the table.

    There have been questions raised about his party affiliation. He was a Republican until about six years ago, but switched after agreeing with democratic positions on key issues like climate change, marriage equality and immigration reform. The ability to evolve politically should be seen as an asset.


    Yamada certainly has the experience to serve in the Senate after serving six years in the Assembly and representing Davis on the Yolo County Board of Supervisors. The most liberal of the candidates in the race, she has less potential for achieving compromise on important issues.

    Either Dodd or Yamada would make a better candidate against Republican Greg Coppes, an electrical contractor from Dixon. Coppes has never held elected office, though he has advocated for legislation on veterans affairs and education funding in Sacramento. A third Democrat, retired Air Force Lt. Col. Gabe Griess, also has never held elected office and is running an outsider campaign.

    Either Dodd or Yamada would make good leaders in the Senate, but Dodd would accomplish more from the center.

    Too often in politics, candidates campaign to the far left or the far right. But it is the center where governing happens. On June 7, voters should look to the center and vote for Dodd for state Senate.