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  • Sep172014

    News Clip: Assembly candidates speak in St. Helena

    State Assembly District 4 candidates Bill Dodd and Charlie Schaupp stressed the importance of job creation, education and water, but diverged on issues like climate change and immigration last Thursday during their only scheduled joint appearance in St. Helena.

    Dodd and Schaupp participated in a candidate forum at the library, sponsored by the Members-At-Large Unit of the Napa County League of Women Voters.

    Schaupp, a Republican and veteran of the Marine Corps, said job creation is the key to making higher education more affordable and restoring California’s economy. He said the government shouldn’t control groundwater, but it should provide more surface water to support agriculture and help recharge aquifers.

    Dodd, a Democrat and member of the Napa County Board of Supervisors, said the state needs to create more middle-class jobs and invest in education, including universal pre-K. As for water, the state should pursue storage projects, step up its conservation efforts, use treated wastewater for irrigation, investigate desalination plants, and generally leave groundwater regulation in local hands.

    Read the full story from the St. Helena Star here

  • Sep082014

    News Clip: Sacramento Bee endorses Dodd

    Bill Dodd, a four-term supervisor from Napa County, is well-informed on sprawl, traffic gridlock, transit services and public-private partnerships. However, his most intriguing feature is his party switch.

    Dodd says that his values had been Democratic for more than a decade – from immigration reform on the national level to support for a drug and rehabilitation center at the local level. He says the tipping point in his decision to switch parties was the debate over gay marriage and marriage equality. 

    Read the full endorsement from the Sacramento Bee here.

  • Aug262014

    News Clip: A New Type of Candidate Emerges in Calif. Assembly District 4

    California’s state government is changing. Since voters approved the top-two primary system in 2010, a new type of representative has a chance to make it to Sacramento.

    At least, that’s what Democrat Bill Dodd says. He’s running in California’s 4th Assembly District.

    California Assembly District 4 is currently represented by Democrat Mariko Yamada. She came to the State Capitol in 2008 as the representative for Assembly District 8. After new district lines were drawn in 2011, she was re-elected to represent District 4 in 2012.

    Read the full story from IVN here.

  • Jun042014

    Dodd Makes November Run-off

    Dear Friends,

    First, a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this campaign, whether you were a volunteer, supporter or voter, all of you cared enough to come out and participate in our democratic process and affirm its vitality.

    Second, according to figures gathered from each of the 6 county registrars, the ballots that remain to be counted will affirm that our campaign has made the November run-off election as one of the two top vote getters.

    Voters responded to our call for a new direction in California's political leadership and ignored the destructive campaign tactics of Sacramento insiders that are emblematic of what's wrong at the State Capitol. I am humbled and gratified voters made that call.

    As this campaign goes forward I will continue to press for positive change that focuses on putting progress over politics and integrity over infighting.

    Thank you and God bless you,


  • May302014

    Negative Campaigning Hurts Our Political Process


    The hit pieces flying around the past few weeks are really ticking me off.  That includes ALL of them, even those hitting my opponents.  Our local newspapers have characterized the hits on saying things like "Anti-Dodd mailer falls shy of the truth" and "the charges against Dodd play with the truth."

    While political mud throwing is nothing new, I think it's reaching a dangerous level in our politics and serves to reinforce the power of the already powerful.  

    That's corrosive and is weakening people's faith in our system, something we don't spend much time talking about these days.

    FIVE mail pieces paint me as the villain behind problems the state is having on the Bay Bridge.  What a bunch of baloney.  They either lie or get the facts completely wrong (including saying faulty bolts come from China -- they were made in Ohio).

    I hope you'll join me on Tuesday for Election Day at your polling place to cast a vote against these destructive political practices.  We need to move state government in a new, productive direction that delivers for the people of California.  And that direction is FORWARD!!

    Thank you for your support and interest in our campaign.

    God bless you,